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Antec netting for adhesive technology, 50 x 50 mm mesh

1 unit = 3 m x 10 m

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  • Ultra-light plastic netting for bonding to all substrates (except wood).
  • Adhesive holders are bonded to pre-cleaned and primed points with a two-component special adhesive.
  • After curing the netting can be hung directly in the holders. They are secured further with cable binders.
  • The fixing is weather and temperature dependent. The special adhesive requires a working temperature of at least 5C.
  • Only ultra-light netting, weighing 12g/m2 (50 mm x 50 mm mesh), can be used for this method. The netting complies with Incendiary Material Class B1.
  • The netting is hung taught and can be easily removed for maintenance purposes.
  • The netting is suitable for medium to high populations.
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