Delivery costs
Our delivery costs are as follows


Delivery costs by weight

COUNTRY up to 5kg

from 5kg to 10kg

from 10kg to 20kg  from 20kg to 31,5kg 
Germany 8,40 Euro incl. VAT 8,40 Euro incl. VAT  13,40 Euro incl. VAT  15,40 Euro incl. VAT 
Switzerland / Norway 31,50 Euro 36,50 Euro 46,50 Euro 56,50 Euro

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, UK, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia,
Czech Republik

18,50 Euro incl. VAT 23,50 Euro incl. VAT 33,50 Euro incl. VAT 43,50 Euro incl. VAT

Its only possible to order up to 31.5 kg in the online-store. When you have a larger order, please call or email us.


Special delivery costs for Birdsticker:

Number of Birdsticker


international delivery (EU) 

Switzerland /

1-10 Sets 2,95 Euro
incl. VAT
4,95 Euro incl. VAT  4,95 Euro
11-30 Sets 3,70 Euro
incl. VAT 
8,50 Euro incl. VAT  8,50 Euro
31-150 Sets   8,40 Euro
incl. VAT
see shipping costs package up to 5kg
151-300 Sets 8,40 Euro
incl. VAT
see shipping costs package up to 10kg


For deliveries in Non EU countries you have additional duties, fees and taxes. For more information on customs duties, click here.

Information on import taxes.

Special tarif provisions for Switzerland at this link.

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