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Swallow House

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Article Description

Swallow houses are situated in the immediate vicinity of objects where there is a medium to heavy swallow population.

The swallow house provides the birds with an attractive alternative and attracts them away from the object to be protected.

The swallow house should be situated in the immediate vicinity / visual range of the populated object. The distance of the swallow house to the object can be increased after an appropriate time when the birds have settled-in.

A swallow house comprises of:

A welded and galvanised metal frame, wooden planks and plywood, rendering base, bitumen shingles, house martin nests made of wood concrete, guide rails for the drawer system and fixing material.

Fixing the swallow house:

The galvanised steel pole in the simple design is embedded in the foundation. The steel pole with the flange plate is then bolted to the cured foundation. The swallow house is then fixed to the steel pole.

The steel pole is not included in the set.

Similar to photo


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