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Bird Control Balloon

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Evil Eye Balloon:
This printed vinyl balloon is suspended on a rod in or above the area to be protected. It can also be effectively used in small gardens or on individual fruit trees.
In addition to the frightening predator eyes the silver and red glittering (imitating flames) tail strips have a repelling effect.
A balloon, that is hung higher than the object to be protected, has an effective radius of ca. 40 m.

Technical data:
diameter: 400mm
Time for installation: 5min
Material: PVC with imprint
additional welded attachment element
Foil fire strip in silver/red

Small gardens, fish farms, industrial buildings, landfill sites, farms, vineyards...

Effective against:
Pigeons, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, crows, geese, seagulls, herons and cormorants

Scarecrow turbine:
This scarecrow combines the deterrent effect of a predator and reflecting light. The natural warning colours printed on the turbine panels trigger even with a light wind the instinct to flee.
Even when it is calm and the turbine does not turn the eyes have a repelling effect.
When turning, the two eyes constantly change their viewing direction. The eyes are always moving and irritate and frighten approaching birds.
This article is completely noise-free and is particularly suitable for use in populated areas.
It is recommended to set-up the scarecrow turbine in a colour-mix at a distance of ca. 150 m above the field.

The turbine (red) consists of a spinnaker and glass fibre. Dimensions: 142 cm high/ 42 cm diameter.

Orchards, Fish- and poultry breeding, small gardens and airports

Effective against:
Pigeons, starlings, crows, herons, gulls, geese, blackbirds and deer

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