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Stroboscare Flash System

Stroboscare flash

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Birds respond to visual stimuli. This can be exploited with bright flashing lights. The Stroboscare devices emit the same amount of light as 15 million candles. The frequency can be set from 1 to 15 flashes per second. An LED version consumes less power for the same performance.

The devices are only allowed to be used indoors, as the flashes can disturb humans.  Stroboscare devices are not to be pointed directly at people. The units must be installed in a way that they beam upwards. This is a sensible application for large warehouses where the birds breed in the roof structure.

Stroboscare System Data:

  • Light yield: 1,500 watt (flash)
  • Voltage: 220 V AC 16 A. Working voltage: 220 V, 60 Hz AC
  • Dimensions: 45 mm x 250 mm 220 mm
  • Material: Heat-resistant glass. Aluminium housing
  • Cooling: air cooled
  • Weight: 5 kg, including assembly bracket


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