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UltraSon is working with high acoustic hearable waves and ultrasound waves of 2 - 30
kHz. This frequency is entirely steered through, what produces a corresponding effect in the breadth. This high-sound-acoustic and hearable waves of over 105 dB combined with ultrasound producss a high grade sound effect.
  • UltraSon must be pIaced in time before the fruits are ripening. With too
    Iate appointment of UltraSon, varmint mostly already have the taste of ripe grapes, cherries etc., so it is more difficuIt to chase them away.
  • At first you have to decide, what kind of animals or birds have to be ohased away. You can influence forest birds, forest animals and starlings in a different way. Each kind of animal demands a special action which our UltraSon executes.
  • One loudspeaker box has an effect in the breath of 100m. When you have Iarger surfaces you must use additional Ioudspeakers (K-1804).
  • The Ioudspeaker box must be fixed about 2 metres above the vines or trees.
  • The aim of UltraSon is to disturb the animals at their resting and sleeping place and to interrupt their flight route between resting place and feeding area.

Defense against wild boars, badger, deer, magpies, sparrows, crows and other
animals Iiving in the forest.


Please install UltraSon Ioudspeakers alongside the crop. For every 100 meters Iength you
will need one triple Ioudspeaker. You can extend the base no. K-1801with maximum 2 piece triple Ioudspeaker no. K-1804.

Power supply:

To operate at full power UltraSon will need a car battery with 12 V and minimum 36 Ah which provides energy for about 40 days for the base only.
UltraSon has a day-night·automatic. It switches on in the morning and off in the evening. Operation just at night (for wild boars, deer, badger) is also possible with the night switch.
The frequency is adjustable.

There are two different versions:

  • Ultrason Classic (Currently not available!)

    • Weatherproof case with built-in automatic control
    • 3 pieces of piezo high frequency emitter
    • Twilight sensor (turns off automatically in the evening and the morning)
    • Night mode controller
    • 2 - 30 kHz frequency controller
    • Interval and time interval control
    • Battery status indicator
    • 2 connectors for speaker K-1804 or K-1805
    • Battery Cable 3m
    • Power supply: Car battery (min. 36 Ah) or 12V/220V power supply (Article K-1807) (not included)

  • Ultrason solar

    • See above (Ultrason Classic)
    • Additional features: Integrated clock (DCF77 radio clock)

      • several periods over the 24-day on and off
      • automatic time setting
    • Power supply: Car battery (min. 36 Ah) or 12V/220V power supply (Article K-1807) or solar tower (K-1803) (not included)
    • Solar-Tower for power supply is included
    • alternative power supply: Car battery (min. 36 Ah) or 12V/220V power supply (Article K-1807)

Ultrason is a german quality product and successfully for over 20 years in use!


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