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Avishock Electrical System

Complete set, 15 m, brick red

807.18 €*
pro unit
Basic price: 53.81 € per m
Article weight: 4,00 kg
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This electrical system is very flat and discreet. The power lines are integrated into flexible and UV-resistant PVC.

Quick installation as it can be bonded to the substrate without holders. The bands are connected with plastic connectors. Changes of direction can be made with corner connectors.

A complete set (sufficient for 15 running meters) comprises of:

  • 15 m PVC band
  • 25 connectors (see photo 2)
  • 25 corner connectors
  • 30 jumpers
  • 10 ring cable lugs
  • 50 flat push-on contacts
  • 1 control device, small 1 – 150 m (see photo 3)
  • 15 m high voltage cable
  • 2 one-component joint filler, transparent

For distances of more than 150m you can obtain the control device, a (150 – 300 m) large system, for a surcharge of €65.00. Please contact us for consultation.

Practical Applications:

The system in practise: REFERENCES


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