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ColumbEx Electrical System

Complete set, anthracite = 30 meters

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The ColumbEx electrical system is an alternative solution, developed especially for high-quality Grade II listed structures. ColumbEx is easy to form.

As with conventional electrical systems the bird is repelled by an effective electric shock if it lands on the wire. The metal fence principle is used.

The important characteristics of the ColumbEx electrical system:

  • The profile, made of high-quality UV- and weather resistant plastic polyethylene (PE) profile in natural or anthracite colours, is held in position by holders, which are bonded to the substrate.
  • Profile holders prevent the rods from touching, thus making the system short-circuit proof.
  • A current calibrator provides up to 30,000 m system length.
  • The electrical system is suitable for medium to high populations of birds.

A complete set (sufficient for 30 running meters) comprises of:

  • 30 m profile 50 pieces @ 1.20 m (40 pieces with 1.5 mm connector attached, 10 pieces insulated one end)
  • 150 holders
  • 50 connectors 1.5 mm
  • 5 pairs of straightener (spring elements) including 10 attaching rings

Current calibrator, high voltage cabling and other cabling is not included in a set.

Practical Applications:

The system in practise: REFERENCES


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