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Heron Decoy

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Article Description

  • Highly effective decoy for fish bearing water features
  • Height 86cm (34 Inches)
  • Easy to assemble, comes complete with ground anchor
  • Protect expensive Koi Carp for just a few pounds


The Heron is manufactured in two parts, the legs are seperate to the body and click together with ease. The legs incorporate a useful ground anchor that can be used to tether the decoy in position beside the pond.


Standing nearly 3-feet tall this heron decoy (Height 86cm / 34 Inches) is great for protecting ponds. The heron is a territorial bird and should not visit a pond where it sees another fishing. This means any heron flying by, will see the decoy sitting at the pond and fly on to find another one

Koi Carp keepers love these products as they offer an inexpensive yet effective means of protecting Koi Carp.

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