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Eagle Owl Decoy

Non-Automatic Version

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The eagle owl is the most feared predator for most birds. We offer two versions of the eagle owl decoy:

Product A-0301: Eagle-owl with wings which can be freely moved
This decoy is lifelike. Dimensions are 56cm x 30cm

Product A-0302: Eagle owl with automated movements
Life-sized synthetic owl with rotating wings. Electronics incorporated in the body, works using a 12V/4Ah Battery. Remote control with a rech of about 30m.
Possible to switch the wings on and off from the camouflaged hide. Automatic operation also possible, the owl moves for 20 seconds every 4 minutes.
Product includes metal stake, 12V Battery, battery charger, Remote control and sturdy nylon transport bag. The battery has to be recharged at least every 6 months.

Product A-0304: Shocking Yellow Eagle owl
Life-sized yellow eagle owl, painted yellow and with an additional eye, placed on its chest for an even more impressive dispersal effect. The decoy may be hung or seated. Weight: 400g.

Habituation is always possible - just like with all decoys.

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