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Birds cannot see reflecting window glass and fly into it. With predator decals, a danger for birds can be highlighted.

Exisiting window decals can also be seen by human eyes and are not very nice on buildings. Therefore decals have been developed, which are hardly visible for the human eye. They are only visible in UV, which birds can see - a true innovation in bird protection!

The decals are available in sets of 5 pieces each including a plastic scraper. The decals are

  • highly effective especially with clean glass
  • highly transparent and therefore hardly visible for the human eye
  • sizes: 180mm wing spread x 105mm from head to tail
  • easy to install
  • very durable (up to 10 years)
  • Even with the decals on, windows still can be cleaned
  • decals can be installed on the outside or inside
  • density: We calculate 5-10 decals per square meter, in order to have a perfect effect. However, the distance between the decals should not exceed 10cm.

Installation is very easy

 Straighten out the birdsticker with the plastic scraper on an even area.
 Remove the transparent cover foil at an angle of 180.
 Wet the adhesive side of the decal and the window with water.

 Attach the cover foil with the decal wrinkle-free onto the window. Flatten it.
 After drying, remove the cover foil carefully at an angle of 180.
 Spray the decal again with water and flatten it out with the plastic scraper.

Please notice: Small air or water bubbles dissolve usually within several days or weeks by themselves.

For larger areas or as a company, please request our installation service.

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