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Crop Gard

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Article Description

This scarecrow combines the deterrent effect of motion and the reflection of light. The printed in the warning colors of nature slices solve even with little wind out of an innate instinct to flee.
Even if the turbine doesn´t rotate, creating the colors and reflection bands as a deterrent.
The rotatable mounting the disks in light air in motion and irritate and frighten the birds already in the approach.
This article is completely noise-free and is suitable for use in areas near the settlement.
For larger areas we recommend several Crop Gards with a distance of about 100-150 m to set up.

: 140cm high / 60cm diameter

Weight: 6 kg

Fields of application:
Orchards, fish and poultry farming, gardening, airports

Effective against:
Pigeons, starlings, crows, herons, gulls, geese, blackbirds, deer
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