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Fire Fly and Scare Fly are optical bird scarers. They use reflecting sunlight during the day and fluorescent light effects at night. The foil reflects the sunshine during the day. A second foil creates a flickering effect, which is perceived by the birds at up to 400 metres distance. The birds change their flying pattern due to the reflecting and flickering effect and fly away from the object protected.

According to a study of the Cornell University, Ithaca (New York, USA) birds perceive light in two spectra: daylight and ultra-violet light. Fire Fly and Scare Fly use both spectra (360 nm and 560 nm wavelengths).

Further characteristics of Fire Fly:

  • Fire Fly stores visible and UV light and continues to shine for 10 hours
  • As birds also perceive movement stimuli, in addition to light stimuli. Fire Fly moves freely and even at the very low wind speeds of 5 – 8 km/h. Thus, Fire Fly is more easily perceived by birds.
  • Fire Fly is very suitable for repelling migratory birds that occur mainly at night.
  • Fire Fly is primarily used for repelling birds from overland power lines. These are often the cause of birds dying, as the birds cannot see the lines at night.
  • For easy installation Fire Fly is supplied with snap-on clips.
  • Fire Fly is also used on buildings, yachts etc. Its effective radius is ca. 8 metres.
  • Fire Fly has been developed by ornithologists and has been extensively tested.
  • Fire Fly is particularly effective if there is sufficient UV-radiation. Performance can drop if there is insufficient UV-radiation.

Scare fly is round, unlike fire Fly. A special red/yellow reflecting foil is in the middle of the disc.

Fire fly should be replaced when necessary or if there is habituation.

Its functioning cannot be warranted. 

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