Bird control
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Picogel bird control gel

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Article Description

Picogel works solely by tactile irritation. On landing, the pigeon cannot find the usual firm grip and flies away. After several attempts the treated area is avoided.

The gel is applied to affected areas (narrow ledges, landing ledges, signs, roof ridges, gutters, pipes etc.).

  • Protection duration: 1 – 2 years, shorter with heavy populations
  • Optimal effect at temperatures above 15C
  • Weather resistant
  • Cartridge content: 265 g
  • Cartridge is sufficient for 5 – 6 m strands
  • Narrow areas: 1 strand
  • Wide areas: 2 – max. 3 strands
  • Non-toxic, colourless, permanently plastic, weather resistant, temperature stable, building material neutral.


Gel that has become ineffective due to dust accumulation is scraped off with a spatula. Remains can be removed with cleaning solution, test- or petroleum ether.

Application Instructions:

Please refer to our Application Instructions.


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