Bird control
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including 7m carbon fibre pole

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Article Description

  • Highly detailed & realistic hawk mimic kite.
  • Flies at twice the height of the pole.
  • Exploits bird pests instinctive fear of hawks and is very effective & silent.
  • No Running Costs.
  • Size of the decoy: Width 140cm x Height 69cm

Specifications of the Pole:

SPECIFICATIONS 7 Metre Carbon-Fibre-Pole
max. Height: 12 Metres
Base diameter: 30mm
Collapses down to: 114cm x 3cm x 4cm
Weight: 1.5 Kg
CONSTRUCTION Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole
DEPLOYMENT Sections slide into each other (Must only be used with support stake)

Effective for:
Pigeons, Ravens, Rooks, Gulls, Starlings, Geese, Blackbirds, Herons, Cormorants, Mice

Urban Areas, Buildings, Patios, Roofs, Eating Areas, Orchards, Vegetables, Farmyards, Lawns, Car Parks, Gardens, Landfill sites, Vineyards

Contents of Kit:
  • Hawk Kite
  • 7 Metre Telescopic Fibreglass Pole
  • Support Post
  • Flying Line
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