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Article Description

  • Robop is a falcon decoy with movement mechanisms which perfectly imitate a peregrine falcon. The decoy moves its head, wings and the whole body at irregular intervals – controlled by an integrated microprocessor. An additional repelling effect is achieved with typical falcon cries of 85 dB. Robop is only active during the day due to a light sensor.
  • The decoy is positioned as high as possible above the problem area. It should be positioned as visible as possible. To reduce the habituation effect Robop must be repositioned ca. every two weeks.
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 560 mm
    Height: 370 mm
    Width: 190 mm
    Maximum wing span: 500 mm
  • Included in the delivery:
    • Robop-Roboter including internal, rechargeable NiMH battery
    • Connection cable and charger for external power supply


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