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Woodpecker Decoy

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Article Description

  • Dimensions: 225 mm x 490 mm.
  • Material: 1.5 mm aluminium sheet.
  • Excellent proven protection against damage caused by woodpeckers. The perfect resemblance to live woodpeckers gives the impression of occupied territory – thus, real woodpeckers are kept away. For the best effect, the woodpecker decoy must be fastened on the building as high as possible.
  • Should the woodpecker approach the building at different sides, the decoy can be installed directly at the bulding's corner, making it visible for the birds from two sides. As soon as the woodpeckers can notice the decoy, it will deter them.
  • Double-sided, true to the original in black, yellow and red silk screen printing and then finally coated with high quality, transparent and UV resistant clear lacquer.
  • Includes a two-hole mounting bracket and rust-free screws 6.5 x 50 mm
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