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A printed with oversized wing hawk eye, is already turning in low Wind. Colored eyes mimic a watchful bird of prey.
Including large reflector mirror mounted increase the deterrence effect. This will result in irregular flashing lights are already perceived by the birds from a distance as a threat.

Fields of application:
Wine, fruit, berry, strawberry, sunflower, canola, and vegetables, poultry, and fish, airports and marinas.

Effective against:
Pigeons, starlings, crows, gulls, blackbirds, geese, hawks

Dimensions: 580mm x 1250mm x 250mm (W x H x D)

8,500 g

Material: acrylic glass
, steel

Effective range:
up to 200m

Assembly time
: 15 minutes

Assembly: vertical

Package Contents: printed rotor surface, mirror cover, ball-bearing axle, metal rod, metal anchor bolts, instructions

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