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Scaretape Electrical System

Translucent! - Set for 16 metres

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Article Description

The patented Scaretape Electrical system is a true innovation in bird control. It consists of
  • The profile, made of high-quality UV- and weather resistant plastic polyethylene, translucent profile which is very easy to form
  • a very strong self-adhesive foil at the bottom side of the profile
  • two aluminum conductors, which are fixed on the profile above an acrylic insulation filme

Scaretape is only 2mm high and 45mm wide. It is delivered in a 16m role. Installation is done IN ONLY ONE WORK STEP. For a proper installation, temperature of at least 15 degrees is necessary. The surface must be cleaned, dry and dust and oilfree.

Adequate surfaces: metal, glass, stone, tiles, asphalt, marble, laminated wood and steel.

Inadequate surfaces: gum, roofing paper, unsealed concrete, natural wood, very rough surfaces. To install Scaretape on these surfaces, an additional underlayer must be used (see References).

Scaretape should be cleaned annually (service contract). To control pigeons, scaretape should be installed 25mm behind the edge. For smaller birds, we recommend to install scaretape directly on the edge.

The set does not include the surge generator, cables!


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Connections and Points of delivery

 Connections between roles

 Points of delivery

 Points of delivery  Points of delivery


 Bend the profile in a 90-angle

 Reverse back the profile on itself

 Bend the profile again in the desired angle
 Take off the adhesive tape  Slowly press the corner and flatten it out  Corner is done

Practical Applications:

The system in practice: REFERENZEN


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