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Surge Generator

Solar S200

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Surge Generator N 700:

The surge generator AKO N 700 is for the electrical systems and is supplied by an in-house network.

Technical data:

  • Voltage: max: 4.800 V
  • 2.5 mA, 1.0-0.7 Joule
  • power consumption: 5 W / hour (219 KW / year)


  • Height: 180mm
  • Width upside: 140mm, width downside: 80mm
  • depth: 65mm

12 Volt Solar Power S 200:

Compact, portable and very efficient device with integrated 2 watt solar module for small fences with little vegetation.

Technical data:

  • Voltage at 500 Ohm: 2.500 V
  • Charging energy: 0.25 Joule
  • Max. discharging energy: 0.20 Joule


  • Length: 280mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 260mm
Puls Generator with Battery
  • This puls generator is energized by a common 12V-battery (battery not included
Technical Data:
  • 12V DC
  • Input: 1.5 Joule
  • Output: 1.0 Joule at 500 Ohm: 4.2kV
  • for max. 500m Electrical system

Solarpanel to recharge the battery:

This 150W solar panel is good for recharging the 12V battery.
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