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Scarecrow Kite set with Pole


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Scarecrow Drachenset for large-scale bird control
The Scarecrow dragon mimics highly effective a raptor that lurks in the sky for prey. When "prey birds" innate fear will trigger a reflex.
  • Triple action of the flight instinct:
    • First: The kite has a delta form in the silhouette of a bird of prey
    • Second: Both keels on the underside of the dragon are perceived by birds of prey as extended gripping claws.
    • Third: Sail tension on the trailing edge of the kite generates a visual and audible flapping motion, which is similar to the wings of a bird of prey hovering.
  • Ready to wind and weather, the kite will start with the wind and directed accordingly. In storms and rain, the dragon will be stable.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • A relocation reduced the habituation effect and at any time.
  • Effect is sufficiently long-term tests.
  • Unlike human-like scarecrows, bang shock devices, etc. hardly habituation observed.
  • Double Dragon keel is made from durable spinnaker cloth and reinforced with carbon fiber rods.

effective for: pigeons, ravens, rooks, gulls, starlings, geese, blackbirds, herons, cormorants, mice

Effect size: Depending on altitude:

  • XL system for fruit and wine: about 220m in diameter / approx 3.0 to 3.5 hectares Rod length: 22 m, altitude: < 33m
  • Standard system for shallow-growing plants: about 180m in diameter / approx 2.0 to 2.5 hectares Rod length: 16 m, altitude: < 22m
  • Starter system for small plots / silage depots etc.: about 110m in diameter / about 0.8-1.0 hectares, Rod length: 8m, altitude: <12m

Scope of supply:
XL system: 10 x 170cm airplane aluminium pipes, 2 x fiberglass tip ground anchor 80cm / 4.5 kg
Shipping Weight: 21 kg

Standard System: 7 x 170cm airplane aluminium pipes, 2 x fiberglass tip ground anchor 80cm / 4.5 kg
Shipping Weight: 17 kg

Starter system: 3 x 170cm airplane aluminium pipes, 2 x fiberglass tip ground anchor 50cm / 1.5 kg
Shipping Weight: 5 kg

Vegetable-, canola-, peas- and baby corn cultivation, fruit, stone fruit, sunflower and grape growing, fish and poultry, marinas, docks, high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, silos, landfills, power plants.
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